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Different Variants Of Poker


In this article, we provide you the information of different variants of the game available online both for those of you who already have experience and for those of you who are absolutely new and interested in playing online bet malaysia online poker.

Omaha poker

Omaha poker is basically a variation of Texas Hold` em, except it has more playing power. This game was invented in the 1970s and follows basically the same rules as Hold em, except for one crucial difference.

In Omaha, players are given 4 hole cards to be used in combination with the 5 community cards. The obvious result of having 2 additional cards is that it is much easier to form winning hands, so delusional players will be tempted to play more hands.

It takes a bit of time to realize that the odds of making better hands are higher in Omaha, so if you make the switch from Hold Em to Omaha you are likely to get “burned” a couple of times before realizing the touch of the game.

However, even with this knowledge, it can be really difficult to have a quality hand, so the nature of players in Omaha is to stay in the hands as much of the time as possible.

Omaha hi-lo

The Hi-Lo version of Omaha adds another vital nod to the game, so if Omaha got you hooked, it’ll make it easier for you to get a hold of it. As the name suggests, in this game the “pot” is divided equally between the person with the best and the worst hand.

This will involve amazing and twisted mind games, as players don’t know what to compete against, to make the best or worst hand, so these games can get very interesting.

5 card poker

This is the simplest form and probably the first version you learned of the game as a child. Players are dealt 5 cards (all face down) followed by a round of betting. Players can then choose to discard the cards they don’t want to replace them with those from the deck.

After another round of dealing, the winner is the person with the best hand. This game is much less common than Hold Em but it is still offered on many online sites, and you can easily recognize it if you have played Video Poker.

7 card stud

The game begins with each player getting two cards face down and one card face up. Then there is a round of betting, starting with the player whose face-up card is the lowest.

Then 3 cards are dealt face up, each with a betting round in the middle in which the betting round begins with the person whose face-up cards make the best hand.

Finally, the last card is dealt face down and after the final round of betting, the players show their 5 best cards and the best hand wins.

Much crucial information is learned from the cards that have been dealt face up and discarded, so the level of attention and calculation of the players can be well rewarded. There is also a Hi-Lo version of this mode, awarding the best 711 kelab and worst hand at the end of the game.


The final version that we will look at today is effectively a reversed version of 7-card stud. In this case the rules are the same, except this time everyone tries to have the worst hand.

This is the most common game known as “low – ball poker” (the best hand wins) and is played in the World Series of Poker, as well as is offered in many online casinos.

A good hand would be cards without pairs and none greater than 8, and it is also very important to take a look at the cards discarded by other players.

The next time you visit an online poker site, you should take a look at the tables that offer variations of the classic Hold Em, you might discover your new favorite game.

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